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We offer Luxury Swiss cottage and tented accommodation near Yamunotri dham (part of Chardham Yatra) on the bank of river Yamuna and Guptkashi.

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Discover and Experience an unparalleled sense of calm with extraordinary selection of camps. Embark on a serene journey across three destinations.


There’s a myriad of activities waiting to be explored, far more than one might initially imagine.


It is a popular way for individuals and groups to explore and appreciate the beauty of nature while engaging in physical exercise.


Bonfires serve various purposes, including providing warmth or acting as a centerpiece for outdoor gatherings.


Adventure activities are a lot of fun specially when you're traveling with friends & family and you can step out of your comfort zones to try new things.

About Camp nirvana

Camp Nirvana is a camp based in Uttarakhand with its main office located in Delhi. Camp Nirvana, in Barkot and Guptkashi, stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of adventure and spirituality.

We take pride in providing round-the-clock services, ensuring accessibility and convenience for our clients. Our offerings encompass a range of services, including seamless reservation facilities. Here, we strive to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for our guests, combining the natural beauty of Uttarakhand with top-notch service and hospitality.

Each moment spent here is a step closer to attaining a state of bliss and unforgettable retreat for those seeking a harmonious blend of nature. The warmth of homemade meals adding a touch of authenticity to every bite. It offers a tranquil escape for those seeking solace in the lap of nature. The warm hospitality reflects the flavors of the region and adds a touch of authenticity. 


Enjoy Your Weekends at Camp Nirvana!

Camp Nirvana is a beautiful retreat amidst Natural Environment of Uttarakhand..


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